Terms & Conditions

1. Airportgotaxi is an online search service for land dec (transfers).
Airportgotaxi is an agent for booking transfers.Airportgotaxi has its own transport fleet. Transportations (transfers) are provided by both our own fleet and carrier companies. All the conditions of the transfer service are indicated in each order of the carrier company, the offer of which you have chosen or have already chosen. Airportgotaxi selects licensed transport companies for cooperation. On the Airportgotaxi site you can find the right tools for yourself and your luggage, which means that you will feel comfortable while traveling. Please note that car models in different countries may differ from models in your country.
The booking system of the Airportgotaxi site was created as a network information product to facilitate the acquaintance of suppliers with their offers and to provide transfers, as well as to order other october services for customers. The site where the booking system of Airportgotaxi is located does not serve tour operators and travel agencies, and is not the subject of a law regulating these relations. All transfer agreements and agreements of other services available on the site are subject to a direct agreement by the users of the site with the organizations providing these services.
After receiving the user's consent to the agreement concluded in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the agreement dec deemed concluded and may be applied in official relations between the user and the AIRPORTGOTAXI online booking system. The main condition for concluding this Agreement is the legal capacity and ability of the user to conclude such contracts, as well as the legitimate right to conclude a contract with the booking system of the site.
The User declares his financial competence and responsibility for the obligations entrusted to him as a result of concluding this Agreement and using the online booking system of AIRPORTGOTAXI. When using the online booking system, all personal data must be properly checked and verified by the user, otherwise all responsibility for errors in booking will belong to the user of the AIRPORTGOTAXI online booking system.
1.Order placement
1.1 To place your order, you must follow the booking procedure indicated on the pages of our website. At the time of booking, you must provide accurate and complete information in the fields on the booking form.
1.2 We have the right to refuse any order placed by you on behalf of the Carrier Company, which is the Supplier. We do not guarantee to successfully allocate a Supplier to each booking request. In the event that we are unable to allocate your booking request to a Carrier Company, a Supplier, we will send you an email to inform you about this. An alternative may be offered, which may october additional fees. We will confirm your booking request by issuing a booking slip on behalf of the Carrier Company that is the Supplier to the email address that you provided to us at the time of booking. The Carrier Company, Supplier details will be provided only if your reservation has been successfully allocated. 3.2., 3.3, 4. and 5. subject to the paragraphs, the order will then be fulfilled by the Carrier Company,
1.3 You confirm that all the information you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the Service from the Carrier Company, Supplier will be correct, the credit or debit card you use belongs to you and that there is sufficient money or credit facilities for this. It covers the cost of the service. We reserve the right to verify your credit or debit card information before providing the Service to you. If confirmation is not received and payment is not made, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation on behalf of the relevant Supplier, the Carrier Company that will not perform the Service.
1.4 For successfully allocated bookings to a Supplier, you will be provided with a voucher with your trip details, Supplier details, conditions of the transfer service and october services depending on it. Each coupon has a unique coupon number and provides a document. It is your responsibility to check the booking details on the voucher before you travel and let us know if there are any errors.
       AirportGoTaxi is also not responsible for the inaccuracy of the information entered when creating your request or changing your order. You must present your voucher to the driver upon arrival/pick-up. The carrier company, supplier may refuse to provide the transfer service if you have not shown your booking voucher.
1.5 Within the framework of the transfer, Airportgotaxi receives pick-up/drop-off information from the carrier companies
1.5.1 You can specify the desired pick-up time when changing your reservation and/or order according to the conditions set out below:
For a transfer from the place of destination (transport hub) to a hotel address, your specified time should be NO earlier than the time calculated automatically and indicated on the booking form.
For return transfer to the transport hub (by plane, train, etc. a) your specified time should NOT be later than the time automatically calculated and specified in the booking form.
The terms of delivery replacement for an already booked and paid Order are governed by Section 4 of this Agreement. it is mentioned in the paragraph.
1.5.2 Pick-up/drop-off point.
Service-indicates the pick-up/drop-off point of the Carrier company according to the bus route and according to your destination. The carrier company, the type of transfer, the administrative restrictions on the infrastructure (availability of access roads, etc.)
2. Prices and payment
2.1. The Prices and Services indicated on our website are valid on the date you visit our website. The price of any Service on our Site may be changed before you pay for your reservation.
2.2. The prices indicated on the site mean that the service will be offered dec the volume, duration (date and time) and quality specified on the service description pages and search pages of the site. Changing any service parameter, including an already booked order, may cause the order price to change.
The price means delivery from one district (transport point, town and/or urban-type settlement, geographical area) to another district (transport point, town and/or urban-type settlement, geographical area). The drop-off and/or pick-up address does not affect the price. Drop-off and/or pick-up addresses must be located in the pick-up and drop-off zones. If the address you specify in the booking form is located in another district, the service fee will change.
In this case, we will inform you about the changed cost. You cannot pay for the order at the newly changed cost. In this case, you will be refunded and the Reservation will be canceled.*
* Transaction fees are possible when transferring a refund. It assumes that the refund amount will be reduced according to the conditions of the payment system in which the payment was made by you.
2.3. If you set aside extra hours for your order, whether you use it or not, these costs will not be refundable. 
The cost of extra hours can be refunded to you only if the order is canceled with impunity in the conditions established by the Shipping company as an unpunished cancellation of the order.*
* Transaction fees are possible when transferring a refund. It assumes that the refund amount will be reduced according to the conditions of the payment system in which the payment was made by you.
2.4. If your flight is delayed and the flight is delayed on the reservation, we will wait. If there is an option "No extra charge", this means that the transport company is waiting for you on arrival, up to 2 hours in case of flight delay. the scheduled time without requiring extra payment for it.
2.5. Prices are indicated for the entire vehicle, except for the shuttle bus transfer type, which means a fee per person.
2.6. When selecting a prepayment on the site, the service fee and the october payment of the additional fee on the spot are the last prepayment that occurs on the site.
As for the october fee on the spot, we give you an approximate price. The final amount of the on-site surcharge depends on the october rate prevailing on the day of payment.
2.7. Payment methods are indicated on the order booking page.
2.8. If you are booking through a Travel Agency, acting as a sub-agent on behalf of AIRPORTGOTAXI, AIRPORTGOTAXI is not responsible for any confirmed Services, as long as the full amount is received by AIRPORTGOTAXI. After receiving the payment from the Travel Agency, we will be able to make your reservation with the Supplier.
2.9.Special Requests
If you have any special requests, please let us know this at the time of booking. We will make every effort to forward all these requests to the transport company, the carrier company, the Supplier, but we cannot guarantee that they have not been fulfilled and we will not be responsible if they have not been complied with.
3. Currency conversion
When choosing transfers and/or related services on AIRPORTGOTAXI, the user has the opportunity to see the price in any available currency. The conversion from the corresponding currency to rubles is carried out at the valorized exchange rate.
The final price in the currency selected by the user is provided to him for payment on the site, which is also shown on the ordering page (on the personal account).
When paying by bank card, the amount in the currency of the user's choice will be deducted from his card. If the user's card is in another currency, the bank issuing the user's card will convert the specified amount to the card's currency at its internal exchange rate. Therefore, the amount in the currency of the card may differ from the amount indicated on the site (it may be more), because the internal rate of the bank is always different from the posted rates.  
Before paying with a card, the user must clarify the internal rate of the bank issuing the card and clarify the amount of the bank's conversion commission. Together with the payment, the customer confirms that he received the appropriate information before payment and knows the final price of the card in currency.