Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy published with the title of this parties in our Privacy Policy; the website (Collectively referred to as the site) in his capacity as owner and publisher of this site through electronic data broadcast services (hereinafter referred to as services) offering, the company (for short referred to as the site owner); and providing access to the site in any way, viewing services free of charge or at a price that every natural or legal person who bought it (briefly referred to as the user).
During your visit to this Site and your review/purchase of the services offered through this site, how the information we receive about you and the services you review/purchase will be used and protected is governed by the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.
Any natural and legal person who provides access to this site in any way, examines / buys the services provided, pays a certain price for the services provided or uses them for free is deemed to have agreed in advance to the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy, which has been made possible for everyone to access and review by being published on this Site, is also an integral part of any previous or future agreements with users and customers.
The Site Owner reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. The changes made are effective from the moment they are published on the website. The Site Owner is not obliged to notify users of any changes he has made or will make before or after making any changes. It is the responsibility of the users to follow the latest version of the Privacy Policy that is valid.
The information obtained about you is intended to ensure that the Services are provided to you in the most appropriate way and is intended to ensure that the quality of the Services is constantly improved.This information is provided in the 2 ways jul mentioned below:
A.1. The Information Provided By You:
The information that you provide to us through the Site or by other means, such as e-mail, fax, is stored by us. The information obtained in this way is provided to us entirely of your free will. You are free to give us this information or not. However, in order to provide you with a faster and better quality service, we recommend that you provide all the information requested from you on the site. You should also be aware that it will not be possible to fulfill your request if you do not provide the mandatory information required by the service you requested. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. Please do not provide false, misleading or incomplete information. Providing or declaring incorrect, misleading or incomplete information may affect the validity of your request and our responsibilities to you and your order-based service request rights. In such a case, the Site Owner assumes no responsibility at all. If the Site Owner suffers a loss due to the fact that you provide false, misleading or incomplete information, you will be obliged to compensate for this loss.
A.2. Information Provided Automatically:
During your visit to the site, through the identification system called “Cookies”, which allows our computers to automatically recognize the visitor, previous visits to the site, pages viewed, services reviewed/purchased, sessions initiated on the site, etc. these are the information obtained in the considerations. No information that may provide personal recognition or identification of users is stored in the cookie associated with the site. In the “Help” menus of your computer and internet browser, you can find information about restricting or completely disabling Cookie processing functions. However, since the information provided automatically will be used to ensure that the services we will provide to you are better quality and faster, and that you can use our system in a healthy way, we recommend that you leave this feature turned on.
The information obtained about the users of the Site is protected as confidential to the extent that we take care of our own trade secrets. This information can only be accessed by our authorized personnel for the purpose of performing the services requested by our users and to the extent required. User information is not shared with any person or institution unless there is a legal obligation.
Sensitive data is also not recorded in any way at our workplace or on our internet server. However, the Site Owner does not accept responsibility for possible damages that may occur if the internet server's protection system is disabled by hacking.
The terms dec herein and the changes made by the Site Owner from time to time in these terms are part of the legal relationship established between the Site Owner and you and are binding on both parties.
No application may be made against the Site Owner in violation of these provisions, no attempts and/or requests may be made and no rights may be asserted.