Distance Sales Agreement

Distance sales agreement

User Agreement:
Airportgotaxi (airportgotaxi.com) a Starline Logistics Tourism Company. Ltd. Sti. nin transfer is a sales portal. Starline Logistics Tourism Inc. Ltd. Sti. ANTALYA INSTITUTIONS V.It is registered D 781 085 9377. The company is also authorized with the TURSAB certificate of the Directorate of Culture and Tourism.
Airportgotaxi phone number (+90 532 737 78 01) and [email protected] it provides services with an e-mail address.
Every customer who is a member of our website and makes purchases is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of the following sales agreement, which has been arranged from our website, at the buyer's location without any further notice!
Airportgotaxi reserves the right to change any conditions and information available on the site and site extensions, including the terms of the agreement, without prior notice.
If you feel that there is a lack of understanding in the terms of the contract, please contact the customer service department.
1. Languages Used:
1.1. airportgotaxi.com Turkish English Turkish Russian languages are available on the website, and in case of disputes and misunderstandings that may arise during this service process, the Turkish language will be taken as the basis.
2. Service
2.1. Airportgotaxi (airportgotaxi.com ) it is a dec broker between the seller and the buyer and is an intermediary between the parties that purchase dec provide services to individual and group customers.
2.2. With this sales contract, the buyer who buys the service, the service provider is also the seller and is deemed to have accepted the responsibilities.
2.3. This is a contract concluded between the buyer (the user who purchases the service on the Internet), the Buyer (the company that actually provides the Servicedec and the buyer who purchases the service with the sales contract and is considered accepted by the parties. Airportgotaxi assumes no responsibility for service disputes arising from here.
2.4. The buyer declares that he has read and received the basic characteristics of the service subject to the specified contract, the sale price and the method of payment, as well as all the preliminary information about the service and has given the necessary confirmation electronically.
2.5. Airportgotaxi is not responsible for the force majeure reasons and weather and natural oppositions that prevent transportation during the service, delays, accidents, injuries, diseases, hospital expenses, additional service and transportation expenses that may occur for this reason, material and moral losses.
2.6. If the Seller is unable to provide the service for force majeure reasons, the BUYER may exercise one of the rights to cancel the order regardless of the general cancellation rules or to postpone the service subject to the contract until the elimination of the blocking situation. If the BUYER cancels the order in accordance with the established conditions, the amount paid will be paid repeatedly to the account where he made the payment within 10 days.
2.7. Airportgotaxi may subcontract the service in order to provide this service. 3. Where he receives services from another company or under contract under specified conditions. it can be applied to people, institutions or organizations.
3. The process of obtaining services:
3.1. Airportgotaxi sells transportation and transfer services of service providers.
3.2. Credit to the buyer from the provision of services under this contract, the recipient of the fault of the abdomen by unauthorized persons in a way that doesn't originate from banks or financial institutions related to the use of unfair or unlawful airportgotaxi to pay the price for the product, if it has been delivered, provided that the service RECIPIENT account Airportgotaxi three (3) business days to make a new payment accepts.
3.3. The transfer voucher belonging to Airportgotaxi must be shown to the service provider during the purchase of the service and the information for the return transfer must be checked, corrected if there are any inaccuracies, this responsibility belongs entirely to the Buyer.
3.4. All responsibility for determining the time of return, determining the place of meeting is entirely the responsibility of the Buyer.
3.5. We recommend that all our customers read this agreement carefully.
4. Responsibility for payment:
Secure shopping with SSL security payments required on the maximum level 4.1 airportgotaxi profit credit serfika the bottom line is getting the job done, in spite of this, the possible payment by credit card, card theft, the extra money shots, virus and pop-up credit card payments methods such as the receipt of more than disclaims liability for illegal transactions.
5. Cancellation - Changes:
5.1. All changes and cancellations are made by e-mail to Airportgotaxi ([email protected]) must be reported to the office. For cancellations reported up to 24 hours before the transfer service, the full transfer fee is paid to the Buyer. For cancellations reported up to 12 hours before the transfer service, 50% of the transfer fee will be refunded. For cancellations less than 12 hours before the transfer service, no refund will be made from the service price set. Please contact our customer service for all changes and cancellations.
5.2. All changes https://airportgotaxi.com.com from the site My Account My Bookings are made through or by e-mail [email protected] the address should be reported to the changes made to the specified service cover and 12 hours ago 12 hours ago from the date of the time change and a change of venue in the region will not be charged extra.
6. Responsibilities:
6.1. Airportgotaxi assumes no responsibility for product defects and is not the addressee for the sale of the Airportgotaxi service provider's product.
6.2. Airportgotaxi missing items during service, the payment of extra fees delay, accident, injury, force majeure due to the hijacking of the plane, meeting late at the time of receipt, extra hospital expenses, accommodation expenses, extra transportation costs does not accept any responsibility in this regard and the parties the buyer and the service provider is responsible for the insurance. In the same way, Airportgotaxi employees, managers, representatives are not directly responsible in these cases.
6.3. The buyer is obliged to fill in the necessary transfer and service information on the website and fill out all these specified meeting time, meeting place, pick–up time (at least 1.5 hours for domestic flights to airports - at least 2.5 hours for international flights). In case of delays and disputes arising from issues such as transfer and service time, place of receipt, the Buyer is responsible and cannot charge extra fees, material and moral losses for these situations, all this information is filled in from the Buyer scan and the buyer who receives tracking service is made from the scan.
6.4. Service providers attach importance to being present at the meeting time and place, but this is never guaranteed, extra expenses, payments, extra services and transportation expenses that will arise from this are not accepted.
6.5. The waiting time at the airport for pick-ups for the designated service is a maximum of 60 Minutes on domestic routes. It is limited to a maximum of 90 minutes on international routes. There is a waiting time of no more than 30 minutes from the date and time specified for the return or pick-up from the hotel-address, from this moment on, the buyer cannot claim any rights, no refund will be made.
6.6. It is the buyer's responsibility to fill in the transfer information on the website, and the buyer is responsible for being late due to this information, not being able to get additional service, and missing an airline flight.
6.7. Filling in the transfer and service information is from the buyer's browser, and for this reason, the hotel and its address cannot be found or it is not the responsibility of the service provider to be late. The Buyer is also responsible for the extra transportation and service expenses that may occur due to this reason.
6.8. The service provider provides services in the specified vehicle category, but this is never guaranteed, for this reason, the service provider reserves the right to change the vehicle type and category.
6.9. For customers arriving by air to the meeting point of the service; tracking of delays of the airline is the responsibility of the service provider, but this is limited to 4 hours. in case of delays of more than 4 hours, Airportgotaxi should be contacted. an extra fee may be charged for waits of more than 4 hours. If the recipient is not accepted from the scan, the service is not provided.
6.10. The time of meeting and waiting with the Buyer at the time of return and meeting (Hotel-address-home) and at the place is limited to 30 minutes, the buyer who does not arrive during this time loses the right to service and no refund is made, in these cases, the Buyer is responsible for what customer service cannot reach you (mobile phone).
All vehicles that will be used for the specified services are the responsibility of the service provider to provide services with vehicles stretched in place of their legal responsibilities and powers.
7. Change of content in the agreement and on the website
7.1. Information specified in this agreement airportgotaxi on site with all the ingredients to make changes to the price and the Reserve can make these changes at any time, users are deemed to have accepted these changes without notification extra.
7.2. Airportgotaxi assumes no responsibility for any violation of the agreement, tort, negligence or other reasons; interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of the transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of records.
7.3. Airportgotaxi agrees that it will not use the terms of this agreement for illegal illegal actions, and the user is deemed to have accepted these terms by using the website or by purchasing the service. in the implementation of this agreement, up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Representative of the Arbitration Committees shall airportgotaxi.com .( Starline Logistics Tourism Inc. Ltd. Representative Courts in the settlement of Sti) are authorized.